The Family Cast Podcast Takes a Look Back at The 2001 Dogwood Album, "Matt Aragon"

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The Family Cast Podcast which is run by Josh Kemble of Dogwood and St Didacus, has just posted a wonderful look back on that monumental Dogwood album, “Matt Aragon”. Quite honestly this is the rare album that meshed Punk Rock and Christianity in ways that most other bands couldn’t quite articulate for that time period. This album dropped right after 9/11 at a time of great despair, brokenness, and ultimately a lot of soul searching, with “Matt Aragon” coming to mend all those questions and disbelief which many of us felt at a really dark time in human history. I feel as though the first 3 Tooth & Nail albums, a trifecta of sorts, of “More Than Conquerors”, “Building a Better Me”, and “Matt Aragon” are some of the absolute best punk rock releases of all time with “Matt Aragon” genuinely rising above the rest. “Seismic” is great as well in it’s own right but it was different. Anyway, check out this fantastic look back on an album that touched so many and hear unique insight from Matt Aragon himself (yes he was and still is, a real human being with a great punk band of his own), Jason Harper (Bass), and Sean O’Donnell (Guitar) as well. You can find “The Family Cast” podcast on any digital streaming network out there or by clicking here. Happy 20th “Matt Aragon”!

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