Switchfoot - Meant to Live (Jon Bellion Version) New Music Video

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Switchfoot recently released a 20th anniversary re-recording of their classic album “The Beautiful Letdown” and have now just put out a beautiful NEW video update of their song “Meant to Live” (Jon Bellion Version). Check out the music video below this post or at our website. Catch the band on “The Beautiful Letdown 20th Anniversary Tour” beginning at the end of this month.

New music video out now!

A few months ago, the band and I sat down in the studio to listen to the final mix of the song, (“Meant to Live – Jon Bellion Version”). When the strings faded out we sat in silence, stunned by how moving the piece of music was.

A few days later, Jon Bellion and I were texting about the song —how it conjured images in our minds, begging to be used in a trailer for a great movie.
The thought came to us: “why not do it ourselves, spend our own money to make a music video that felt like it conveyed the emotion we felt.”

So Bellion hit up James Winterhalter and Joseph Larkin (the makers of the video) to see if they could pull off a short film on a shoestring budget in only a couple of weeks. They said let’s go!
So that’s what this music video is: a self-funded passion project. A short film about a man, caught between his past and his future, discovering that he still gets to choose. “We want more than the wars of our fathers… Somewhere we live inside.”

– Jon

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