Song of the Day: Too Bad Eugene - Everybody's Gone

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Today’s song is from none other than Too Bad Eugene. The Santa Cruz, CA. based pop-punk band was known as the offshoot of Craig’s Brother when Adam Nigh and Andy Snyder quit the band shortly after the release of “Homecoming” and went on to start a band of their own with a unique sound. This song “Everybody’s Gone” appears on the band’s debut in 2000, “At Any Rate”, and is an emotional one for me. It’s the ultimate song of nostalgic yearning and a look back at youth. For me it’s about everyone moving on after high school and when you’re married young like I was and Adam (Lead vocals), you sort of lose touch with those around you that didn’t make the same leap. Check out “Everybody’s Gone” below and make sure to stream/buy the band’s latest album “Distance” through People of Punk Rock Records. (Adam Nigh also recently contributed to the new Craig’s Brother album and toured with them on their recent Canada trip. Very cool thing to see it all come around again. This is 25th anniversary of the Craig’s Brother album “Homecoming” here in 2023. Look for a 1998 (and late 1997) write up coming soon here at IVM.

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