Next In Line to Possibly Reunite?

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Nothing like a good news story to sorta, kinda, maybe drop a hint that a former Indie Vision Music band “might” get back together and “might” celebrate 20 years of “Traffic” next year. There has to be some interest out there so let your voices be heard loud and clear. Do you want to see ALL of their pre-Indie Vision Music, 2003 Indie Vision Music, post-Indie Vision Music, and all the fun unreleased stuff in between, finally get posted up on digital networks? There have been a lot of songs here and there that dropped on the Indie Vision Music website over the years dating back 2005 when the store/label morphed into a webzine. I’ve always loved giving out free music to generate interest and that certainly didn’t stop with these guys. IVM had free downloads of their various tunes for years. Anyone remember when I put them on I’m Your Biggest Fan Vol. 2 with their track “Bye Polar”? You all do realize that “Traffic” was produced in part by Masaki Liu who has worked with Five Iron Frenzy on their earlier material and many other bands (Blood and Water too), plus it was mastered by Troy Glessner who has worked on most of the T&N, Solid State, and BEC titles over the years. It was like the biggest sounding album of 2003 that no one knew existed. The members of this band have gone on to play with Little Hurricane, Craig’s Brother, Too Bad Eugene, and more. I’m the stories from this band are thick and the tales too numerous to mention in a single passing. Make sure to follow their new Instagram account right here and I’ve heard they are working on other socials soon. Check out that vintage 2003 photo I found!

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