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August 26, 2023

Anthony Catalano of Little Hurricane and Next In Line Recovering From Horrible Motorcycle Accident

Anthony Catalano who was a founding member of Next In Line which was a band I worked with heavily for Indie Vision Music 2 decades ago and his newer group with his wife, Celeste, called “Little Hurricane“, just suffered major injuries from a traumatic motorcycle accident a week ago. You can find a little bit more from the Little Hurricane Instagram account which I’ll try to embed below. A friend of the group set up a fundraising campaign to help the family through this difficult time and the serious recovery it’s going to take.… Continued →

November 19, 2022

Next In Line to Possibly Reunite?

Nothing like a good news story to sorta, kinda, maybe drop a hint that a former Indie Vision Music band “might” get back together and “might” celebrate 20 years of “Traffic” next year. There has to be some interest out there so let your voices be heard loud and clear. Do you want to see ALL of their pre-Indie Vision Music, 2003 Indie Vision Music, post-Indie Vision Music, and all the fun unreleased stuff in between, finally get posted up on digital networks? There have been a lot of songs here and there that dropped on the Indie Vision Music website over the years dating back 2005 when the store/label morphed into a webzine.… Continued →