New Spotify Playlists to Rock Your Day

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I’ve been creating some recent NEW Spotify playlists that a few of you might appreciate. A new one called “Pop Punk 30” which is just that, a top 30 of the moment featuring a bunch of indie pop-punk bands we cover. There is also the “Indie Vision Music Official 2022 Playlist” that has a fair mix of brand new songs and classic hits from some IVM friends, “New Song Hits“, and “Pop Punk Essential Playlist“. On top of those, make sure to follow our profile here to take a listen to the weekly playlists that Noah Hardwick takes care of for IVM. Lastly, if you follow my personal profile, I highly recommend the “Forever IVM” playlist with many songs you know and love (perfect for those ancient Gen Xers and aging Millennials, even my kids who are Gen Z’ers, love these songs, so there you go. Thanks everyone for supporting IVM into 2022 and I believe the site has a strong future ahead if in fact we all still alive in the years ahead….. Stay strong Ukraine!

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