Light The Way - Dude, Lame - Available Now

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The new Light The Way “Dude, Lame” Ep is now available through all digital networks including but not limited to: iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, emusic, Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal +tons more. If you really want the ep and would like to support what we do here at IVM then please consider purchasing the EP for $4.00 over our bandcamp page. You can also purchase the new “Pumpkin Head” design tshirt or tank top and get an instant download of the Ep with order from StoreFrontier right here.

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Finally got around to listening to this. It’s awesome! Great job, IVM and LtW!

Chris S

Just bought! Will be jamming this bad boy tomorrow when I’m riding my moped.

Chris S

Also, the BMXer in me saw the album art and was like, “ooh, what’s in the skatepark top left corner?!”

Thanks for the exposure, Brandon! Without IVM, there’s no way I would have hit gold like Light the Way.

Steve young

And the album is rad FYI

Steve young

I’ll get the blue shirt