Indie Vision Music x Song Blast Playlist - Number 3 & Number 4

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We are hosting a Spotify playlist series and this week I am combining #3 (Click Here) and #4 (Click Here). The overall goal of these is to increase exposure for some great independent talent and hopefully, get some hefty plays. I think with enough attention we can increase plays while also drawing attention to great independent talent who have something positive to say. These plays will not only help independent bands who own their music but also independent labels who rely on streams and purchases across digital networks (yes, including Indie Vision Music). Let’s blast the heck out of these songs for the next 2 weeks until a brand new playlist that we will just dub, “March 2021”, goes up. If you’d like to see last week’s playlist(s), click here. I would like to see the following play list featuring 25 new and recent songs played at least 10 or more times by each of you through this week. Spread this post all over the internet, all over social media, to friends, family, and even the bands themselves. If this spreads like a wild fire, we could be looking at a tremendous accomplishment for independent media. Click here for the Playlist or look below this post to see it for yourselves. Just go on Spotify under each song/album and scroll to the bottom to see the label/band responsible for the album on Spotify. You can see who has posted it for streaming purposes. Thanks everyone! I’ll try to keep this current and updated weekly with new playlists so make sure you follow our profile on Spotify.

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