Indie Vision Music Hits Billboard Radio Charts

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Earlier this year we were stoked to learn that IVM had several artists charting on the Billboard Christian Rock Charts for Radio Play. Mainframe, Grandpa Loves Rhinos, Light The Way, and Craig’s Brother all had songs on the charts throughout much of the year. It went a little quiet past few months until a friend alerted me to this last week’s chart showing Grandpa Loves Rhinos and Names Without Numbers both landing a spot. On top of that, a really cool punk rock band by the name of Reliance charted with their song “Broken Bottles” who we support here at IVM. So head on over to your favorite rock station and request these songs: Grandpa Love Rhinos “The Ministry of Aquaman”, Names Without Numbers “The Apathy Anthem”, and Reliance “Broken Bottles”. Thanks to all the stations spinning our music: BrokenFM, WXGN, Revocation Radio, The Christian Rock 20, and many others. Thanks for supporting the little guys. Keep on requesting at RadioU and one of these days they’ll play our music.

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December 19, 2018 6:11 am

Man, I’m telling you, that Granpa Loves Rhinos is great! Definitely will be getting some love from The Nicsperiment at the end of the year…in a couple weeks. Love that it not only has that turn of the century Tooth & Nail pop-punk vibe, but there’s an old-school math rock touch there, as well. That band deserves all the recognition they can get. I think anyone who was around the scenes I mentioned above will love them, but I think they can reach beyond that, as well.

Crash Baileyface
December 18, 2018 2:22 am

That’s fantastic news!! Let’s celebrate!!!, says crashbailey music

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