Huntingtons Are Back and Planning a New Album After All

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So, it appears that everyone’s favorite east coast punk rockers – Huntingtons, have indeed returned for more than just a few shows on the nostalgia circuit. They are back and will prove just how capable they are at bringin’ the punk jams to all of us in a huge way. That’s right friends, Huntingtons are back and are working on their new album, their first new full length of originals since 2003 “Self Titled” album (Fastmusic). The band has several shows lined up so make sure you go check out their Facebook/Instagram/Twitter pages ( @huntingtonsusa ) for info. I totally missed out on posting about the Ebay Auction fundraiser they held to help raise money towards the costs of this new record. Anyway, it went quite well and they are on the road towards rockin’ our faces off once again.

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September 27, 2019 8:31 am

this thing is going to freaking rawk your face off!

Josh Krady
Josh Krady
March 31, 2019 5:46 am

I’m so excited for this.

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