Gravity Galore: A Brief History of Christian Songs Titled "Gravity"

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“Fire” and “water” are arguably the most overused metaphors in contemporary Christian music. But there is another common nature-themed metaphor in Christian music you may not have noticed: gravity. I by no means consider my research to be exhaustive, but I found nearly two dozen songs from the past 25 years with “gravity” in the title.

Researching Christian music prior to the 1990’s is a difficult task. While I have little doubt that this theme continues back into the 80’s and maybe even 70’s the earliest contemporary Christian song titled “Gravity” I’ve been able to find so far* is from 1995. Husband and wife duo Out of the Grey released album titled Gravity which contained a title track. In 1996 Cindy Morgan quickly continued the trend by releasing a song titled “Gravity” on her album Listen.

The trail seems to pick up in 1999 with Delirious? who released a song titled “Gravity” on their album Mezzamorphis. That same year former Kansas vocalist John Elefante would release an album titled Defying Gravity which would feature a track of the same name.

Tinman Jones brings the trend into the 21st century with their 2001 album Gravity Youth which of course includes a title track. Then in 2004 Shawn McDonald would have his first hit single, “Gravity,” off his debut album Simply Nothing.

It would be The Fold with their song “Gravity” off of the album This Too Shall Pass that would issue in The Year of Gravity in February 2006. The following month British rock band YFriday would drop their album Universal featuring a song called “Gravity” on it. Then in October of 2006 Sandra McCracken released her album Gravity Love which includes the song “Gravity” as track number 4. Moving on to November, a band called Pivitplex had a song called “Gravity” on their album The King in a RookeryFinally, Switchfoot would release their sixth studio album in December, Oh! Gravity. with a lead single of the same name.

Falling Up was a little late to the party with their song “Goodnight Gravity” from their 2007 album Captiva. Then again, their band name hints at a gravity theme doesn’t it? Moving on  with 2007, Tim Be Told (not to be confused with aforementioned Tinman Jones) released the album Getting By along with the song “Gravity’s Hold.” In 2008 former Petra vocalist John Schlitt had a song titled “Gravity” on his album The Grafting

Another band a gravity themed name, Love Like Gravity, would release a self-titled EP in 2010 along with the song “Gravity” on it. That’s near black hole levels of gravity. But black holes are a whole ‘nother metaphor and we can’t go down that rabbit hole because we still have another decade of gravity themed songs left to cover.

Now where was I? Oh yes, 2011 with Royal Taylor and their album Black & White which had the song “Gravity (Pulling Heaven Down).” Then in 2012 Kutless dropped the album BelieverTrack 10 was called, can you guess it? “Gravity.” Later that year Lecrae would give us yet another song titled “Gravity” on his album titled Gravity. Thankfully, I Am Empire would come along the following year and give us a break from songs called “Gravity” by releasing a song titled “Gravity Bomb” on their album Anchors.

Sensing a need for a heavier song about gravity, Red would release their song “Gravity Lies” in 2015 on the album Of Beauty and Rage. In 2016 new band Face the Future would release their self-titled EP which features the song “Gravity.” Finally, as best I can tell the most recent Christian song titled “Gravity” is by singer/songwriter Jennifer Holm on her February 2018 EP titled Gravity.

There you have it, this completes my brief history of contemporary Christian songs titled “Gravity.” I’m aware of at least a few songs missing from this brief history, but as they are also missing from Spotify I doubt you will miss them. Nevertheless if you do know of a song I’ve missed I invite you to leave it in the comment section as it is imperative that it not become lost to history as so many songs have.

* It’s been brought to my attention that Gordon Jensen’s song “I’ll Break the Law of Gravity Someday” was released in 1987 on his album Just in Time.

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Daniel J
Daniel J
April 11, 2018 6:01 am

I’m not sure you realise the gravity of the situation, but Falling Up released a song titled ‘Into The Gravity’ 2 years earlier on the album Dawn Escapes.
This was a fun walk down memory lane – I count 9 of the songs listed above in my music library.

April 11, 2018 11:32 am

This is great!

Brandon J.
April 11, 2018 9:13 am

This is so great Noah and an entertaining read. I love the tongue in cheek humor. Thanks for this!

Tim Ramgren
Tim Ramgren
April 12, 2018 6:08 pm

Wow. You got me noticing this theme and today while doing errands I noticed Attalus sings about gravity in Into The Sea. Next I listened to American Arson and Dead End Part III Waymaker sings significantly about gravity!

Phil metalhed
Phil metalhed
April 12, 2018 12:56 am
April 14, 2018 12:19 am

Some in my iTunes library in addition to many that you mentioned:
Depending on Gravity – Pierce Pettis
Gravity – Wage War
Gravity (Vincent in Reverse) – Eric Peters

Also, the Wrecking album with the song Gravity that you “doubt you will miss” is a really, really good album!

April 11, 2018 7:00 am

Sleeping at last song Pluto talks about gravity in the lyrics

Luc Aube
Luc Aube
April 11, 2018 6:12 am

Out of the Grey- Gravity (1995)

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