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September 10, 2022

February 22, 2022

April 11, 2018

Gravity Galore: A Brief History of Christian Songs Titled "Gravity"

“Fire” and “water” are arguably the most overused metaphors in contemporary Christian music. But there is another common nature-themed metaphor in Christian music you may not have noticed: gravity. I by no means consider my research to be exhaustive, but I found nearly two dozen songs from the past 25 years with “gravity” in the title. Researching Christian music prior to the 1990’s is a difficult task. While I have little doubt that this theme continues back into the 80’s and maybe even 70’s the earliest contemporary Christian song titled “Gravity” I’ve been able to find so far* is from 1995.… Continued →

November 3, 2016

Crash Rickshaw and The Fold Vinyl Releases

Watchmaker Records is pressing Crash Rickshaw “The Unknown Clarity” on limited 180 gram vinyl (extremely limited) and The Fold “Dear Future Come Get Me” on limited 180 gram vinyl (also extremely limited). Both records go up for preorder on November 4th with the preorders ending on November 18th. Get your orders in quick because these will more than likely sell out. Watchmaker also has some other great releases available to check their store.… Continued →

January 23, 2010


With the success of their recent "Every Band In The USA" parody video, rumors quickly spread that the Cyrus clan had filed a lawsuit against the Chicago pop band, The Fold. I caught up with lead singer Dan Castady to find out what happened, how life as an independent band has been, and what's in the future of The Fold. Also, be sure to check out their full length, Dear Future Come Get Me - if you enjoyed the parody, or even if you didn't, true pop/rock fans will love this record.