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April 11, 2018

Gravity Galore: A Brief History of Christian Songs Titled "Gravity"

“Fire” and “water” are arguably the most overused metaphors in contemporary Christian music. But there is another common nature-themed metaphor in Christian music you may not have noticed: gravity. I by no means consider my research to be exhaustive, but I found nearly two dozen songs from the past 25 years with “gravity” in the title. Researching Christian music prior to the 1990’s is a difficult task. While I have little doubt that this theme continues back into the 80’s and maybe even 70’s the earliest contemporary Christian song titled “Gravity” I’ve been able to find so far* is from 1995.… Continued →

March 20, 2017

Scott Brownson Kickstarter

Scott Brownson, worship leader and former singer of Pivitplex, is working on a new album inspired by summer camp and for the next 11 days you can help him out by donating through Kickstarter. This project has been years in the making. It came from my life changing experiences on the mountain tops in Montana. The experiences that inspired me to begin writing songs 20 years ago. Those songs took me around the country and overseas playing for thousands of incredible people, but they were all rooted in what it felt like to be in the majestic beauty and unbelievable camaraderie of camp.… Continued →