Craig's Brother Release New Song "Rodeo Clown"

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Craig’s Brother release yet another new song off their upcoming album which drops November 11th. The song is titled “Rodeo Clown” and is a passionate ballad of sorts, similar to a couple tracks off the classic album “Lost at Sea” and “The Aaronic Blessing (Peace on Earth)” from The Insidious Lie. This is a powerful song, one that builds on emotion and connects on a very real human level. It is classic Craig’s Brother and yet modern enough to take them out of 90’s era. If this song doesn’t generate anticipation for the new record then you need to check that heartbeat for a pulse. “Easily Won, Rarely Deserved” is out next Friday through People Of Punk Rock Records. You can still pre-order the full length in several different options like Tape, CD, and Vinyl Record right here. I believe Tapes and CDs are available for shipping now and Vinyl will ship in early 2023.

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November 10, 2022 4:28 pm

Great song! I think that is my favorite of the early ones released. Looking forward to getting the rest of the songs tomorrow. I suggest everyone check the album out!

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