Song of the Day: Lugnut - Q & A

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Lugnut was a hardcore punk band from Northern Florida, only active for a few short years in the late 90s/early 00s. Their sound was somewhat melodic, but they were way too intense and too fast to be pop-punk. Some have called this sound skate punk or new school punk. They only released one full-length album entitled . . . Like the Dickens and a split release with fellow JCHC punk Officer Negative. Both releases were on Screaming Giant Records.

In the band’s ashes, members went on to play in a number of other acts. In fact, Lugnut has some of the strangest formal connections out there. Drummer Christopher Brown later joined hardcore outfit Evergreen Terrace. Bassist Owen Holmes joined the mainstream Black Kids, an indie rock band heavily influenced by poppier elements of The Cure, The Shout Out Louds, etc. I first heard Black Kids on NPR’s The World Cafe and had no idea of the Christian punk connection at the time. Holmes later started his own ironically-titled Gospel Music, a project which had no obvious connection to faith. And late member Dave Luttrell was also in punk-ska band Honeylocust, also on Screaming Giant. The Rumors are True Podcast have just done an episode with Park and Luttrell recently. Check it out here:

“Q & A” is taken from their full-length album and shows the speed and intensity the band became known for in their short existence. The song’s lyrics touch on the big questions of life as one walks through town, wondering if God is real or not.

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