Song of the Day: MxPx - Christmas Day

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Today’s perfect “Christmas” song is none other than MxPx “Christmas Day” from that cherished 1999 compilation album, “Happy Christmas Vol. 2”. This compilation was released on BEC Recordings / T&N which brought some classics from artists like MxPx, Sixpence None The Richer, All Star United, Plankeye, Hangnail, Flight 180, Starflyer 59, Fanmail, Element 101, Deluxetone Rockets, and so many more. First 3 Volumes are pure classics! MxPx brought it at a time where the band was exploding with “Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo”. That slower, power chord rich, melodic pop-punk, is clearly present on “Christmas Day” and I celebrate the band for it. Such an amazing song. I love all of MxPx’s Christmas tunes and especially “Punk Rawk Christmas”. Merry Christmas and thanks for checking out this “Song of the Day”.

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