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Your Memorial - Your Memorial

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Release date: November 10, 2017
Record label: Facedown Records

  1. Degenerate
  2. Embers
  3. Anchor
  4. Regenerate
  5. Steadfast

Your Memorial has released their final release, the Your Memorial EP. For 9 years, the band has pushed on but they have closed the Your Memorial chapter. I still remember the first time I heard of them; Facedown Fest 2011 Sampler, the track was “Surface”. Incredible band.

The first song off the EP, which coincidentally is the single, “Degenerate”. The track is probably the fastest and heaviest track I’ve heard from them. The lyrics are especially are very heavy. They seem to deal with the grief and sorrow that accompanies the loss of a loved one. But I think that there might be a different meaning to the song; the downfall of a nation. The song really reminds me of Silent Planet in a progressive sense.

“Embers” is the second track on the EP. The song has a very melodic metalcore intro, but quickly jumps to a hardcore/metalcore/thrash beat, like Gideon. The song has a brutal breakdown in the middle, while not as heavy as the material I’m used to, still hits pretty hard. A Plea for Purging is the closest I can think of in comparison. They also have a faded scream which also reminds me of Gideon.

“Anchor” is the third track on the EP. Starts off with some very alternative dissonant riffs but quickly jumps into the Meshuggah/Periphery djent-core “chugga-chuggas”. Personally, I like a lot of different types of metal, and I think this genre gets too much hate. It’s definitely head-bang worthy. With that said, there is still that style of Your Memorial melody. The lyrics, however, are very shallow and kind of dry (no pun intended).

“Regenerate” starts off like…basically any song off of A Plea for Purging’s final album. The track has very melodic style and would be a great single for the EP. The track has more singing than the first three tracks and a melodic chorus.

“Steadfast” is the last song on the EP; the last song to be released by Your Memorial. The song is a melodic one. The clean vocals reminds me of Everything in Slow Motion and Hands, who are playing at their last show in November. The breakdown is a great one and it will get you moshing. The song ends off with melody, back to their roots.

Overall, the EP is pretty solid. A lot of djent for a metalcore band, but it still seems to fit with them. Definitely pick this one up.

FFO: Phinehas, Silent Planet, Gideon

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Mark K
Mark K
November 12, 2017 10:28 am

Love this release! Honestly never been the biggest fan of the band musically but love Blake’s hard vocals and the lyrics have been wonderful. That said, they’ve gotten better as time went on and this is a real high note to leave on. Everything is great this time out and this album is by far their most diverse. Degenerate and Ember are certainly on the harder side, with some great speed in the latter. The last three songs have a decided post-hardcore bend in how melodic and atmospheric they get. Anchor has a pounding verse but a much more melodic,… Read more »

November 13, 2017 11:46 pm

Such a great EP! Jamming this non-stop.

Mason, I think you’re interpretation of Degenerate may be off a little. I’m pretty sure that Degenerate / Regenerate are linked together: Degenerate describing life before knowing Christ, Regenerate talking about new life in Christ. As in, we’re all dead in trespasses (‘degenerate’) until we’re made alive (‘regenerated’) in Christ.

Mark K
Mark K
November 11, 2017 12:28 pm

Been listening through this today after getting it yesterday. I absolutely love it! I really enjoy Blake’s vocals. I think he’s got one of the best voices in metalcore. I wish more lead screamers had the forceful, more unique style he has. His lyrics are so wonderful too! They thoroughly meet that want of pure, passionate, biblical, challenging lyrics. So few bands with a poignant message. Blake’s got it. Musically these guys have never blown me away but I do enjoy the melodic nature of what they do contrasted with Blake’s harsh delivery and the more manly cleans. This is… Read more »

May 29, 2020 1:36 pm
Reply to  Mason Beard

It’s a concept record. “Forever United” doesn’t fit within the concept, better yet it’s the preamble to the concept of the EP

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