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Not Beneath - Memento Mori

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Label: independent
Release Date: January 16th, 2018

1. Eben-Ezer 04:30
2. Worm 06:18
3. The Wisdom of Joseph 05:34
4. Infanticide 05:04
5. Metamorphosis 00:59
6. Dichotomy 05:18
7. Reflection 02:01
8. By Blood, By Faith 05:10
9. By Faith, By Sight 06:17
10. The Covenant 05:10
11. Eulogy 01:08

Not Beneath is an exciting new project featuring ex-members of Narcissus, Outcry, North Meadow Park, and Vessel. In 2018 those names might not mean very much but if you were into hardcore/metalcore in the late 90s or early 00s, you’ll recognize them for sure. Memento Mori ventures into new territory though, pushing for a death metal vibe with progressive leanings at times, and occasionally some touches of –core. Having said all that, it’s a very rewarding listen. It caught my ear upon first listen, and almost immediately I wanted to listen again—lots of layers of sound, melodic and harmonic textures, and heavy as crap! Highly recommended.

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6 Comments on "Not Beneath - Memento Mori"

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Mark K

Love this! It’s thrilling to find some pure hardcore. It’s been a couple years since I found a new band in this style. I wish they had a physical album. They’ve got bath mats and shower curtains but no CD’s? Funny but unfortunate.

I’ve commented favorably about this album and review multiple times, but my comment keeps disappearing :(

Stupid WordPress. Let me check the dashboard and see if a comment is hiding

Thanks for bringing this to my attention, and I also dug the brevity of the review, as well. This is really good! I enjoyed Narcissus back in the day–they put on an awesome live show, and the vocalist had a lot of presence. I like how this has a decent amount of ambient/unexpected breathers before it pummels you again. Definitely has that throwback feel, but updated, like a nice old house with character, with a remodeled kitchen and bathroom.

This is great! I loved those bands, particularly Narcissus, who put on one heck of a live show. Good stuff. I love the variation. Uncompromisingly heavy, but with some softer, ambient moments to rest, and keep things unpredictable.

This hasta b 1 of the shortest “reviews”eva on this site, lol. Short+ sweet tho, so i agree wit it. 1 of the few up n comin metal bands wit mad potential 2 take ova the scene soon. Great stuf+ 2 solid albums so far. Reminds me of nashin of teeth.