Watashi Return From Hiatus and Drop Two New Singles

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You might recall a couple posts over the past few months about the return of Watashi Wa and I’m excited to finally share the fruits of their (reunion) labor. The band is back and have just released 2 new singles through Tooth & Nail Records with a full length “People Like People” due this spring/summer through the label. The two new singles feature some mighty guest spots (and I hear the album will have even more!). First single is “Let Me Prepare You” and features Gasoline Heart. Second single is “Trust Me” (featuring Josh Kemble of Dogwood and Saint Didacus). This version of Watashi Wa while more on the chill, subdued side certainly isn’t boring. It’s the perfect kick back to a long hard day at work and something you can spin on the drive home. It’ll bring a smile to fans of the band and that certain familiarity will keep the interest moving. It’s like a dream combo between “Love Of Life”, the “Eager Seas” album, the actual Eager Seas/Lakes band, and a splash of Anberlin, Acceptance, Spill Canvas, The Classic Crime, and House of Heroes, heck even some Starflyer 59. The lyrics are poetic and spiritual, drawing one at first to the music and then into a reflection on who and what we are while being guided by God. Good stuff and I look forward to much more from the band. Can “Christian Radio” please play music like this instead of the derivative and bland, sameness that floods the dial. You can find these two songs wherever you get your digital music. Listen below.

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