Too Bad Eugene Joins People of Punk Rock Records

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This legendary 3 piece punk rock band known the world over as TOO BAD EUGENE, have just joined up and coming label, People of Punk Rock Records. The Adam Nigh (Ex-Craig’s Brother, Thrush) led band first burst on the scene with their nationally released debut, “At Any Rate” which was produced by Mike Herrera of MxPx through his label, Rock City Recordings back in the year 2000. The band followed that up with “Moonlighting” in 2002 as well as the unreleased track “In Memory Still” on “I’m Your Biggest Fan Vol. 2” (Tooth & Nail) that same year. Adam Nigh and Andy Snyder both from Craig’s Brother, went on to form the band Thrush which released their one and only EP, “Aeon” in 2006. Adam Nigh has been mostly silent in regards to nationally released punk rock music for a number of years but I’m excited about this return and new music this year. It appears there might be some Vinyl reissues this year as well via their new label home. Stay tuned. For now, go and spin “At Any Rate”, and “Moonlighting” on all digital networks.

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