The Classic Crime Launch Kickstarter Campaign for 6th Full Length Album

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The Classic Crime have launched a new Kickstarter crowd funding campaign for their 6th full length record as a band. Go check it out here (or below). Maybe not as many **** and **** etc this time around? ;) (PS- Album was funded in 5 hours!)

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Good on them for reaching their goal in a matter of hours. My wife and I backed their last one, and while I found it to be a major disappointment, my wife enjoyed it. I hope their next album is better, as I generally love their music.

I love the tags, Brandon! XD


Over a year til it gets released. Dang and maybe people love all the cussing so they want some more haha

Tim M

Amazing how dedicated the fan base is.

Daniel J

Yeah, I’m going to just wait and see this time ’round…