Switchfoot Return With Powerful, Artistic Take on Modern Metal

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Switchfoot have gracefully returned from their years long slumber to reemerge as a metal band. Check out this first single titled “Project 11” which does sound eerily familiar but not sure quite how. This is the “heaviest” the band has ever sounded. Those of you that were secretly wishing for a Jeremy Camp metal project can settle for second best and get a sweet Switchfoot one instead. What goes better with the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ than Bunnies, Eggs, Peeps, and good ol’ heavy metal? Well it works, right? Happy Easter everyone, I hope you all have a wonderful day with your families, friends, and even those that choose not to believe. There IS peace, there IS hope, and there IS definitely love in this Faith we cling so tightly to.

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6 Comments on "Switchfoot Return With Powerful, Artistic Take on Modern Metal"

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This sounds better than their last, like, 3 albums.

Wud b cool if this wasnt an april fools joke+ they got sumbody else 2 do the screams, lol. Now how bout a mortal reunion, jerome?

E. R. Mathias

They just need to get Shane Ochsner of Everything In Slow Motion. He did an amazing job with My Epic’s Ghost Story with providing the screaming vocals. Would work nicely with Switchfoot.


I’m still foolishly hoping for a new album in October 2018.

Jeb St. George

April Fool’s!