Squad 5-0 Begin Working on New Comeback Album, Say What?

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With all these new reunions fresh in our minds and the rivers of nostalgia running deep, it was only time before the mighty Squad 5-0 came back and dropped a new album on us. According to the band’s official Instagram page (sorry I’m not aware of any Facebook pages that are current), they may be working on a new album and teased with like 1 second guitar clip. Whether or not this is true remains a mystery much like the band themselves. Let’s hope for one more rockin’ ruckus of a new album. The band last released “Late News Breaking” in 2004.

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2 Comments on "Squad 5-0 Begin Working on New Comeback Album, Say What?"

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Haha, I think with it just being that, it seems like it’s probably just a joke.


Please let it be Ska punk style