Song of the Day: Starflyer 59 - Life in Bed

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First things first: I must apologize for missing a couple of weeks on my Song of the Day features. We’ve been in the middle of an international move. Yes, after 13 years of life in the UK, my family and I have returned to the United States! And we’ve been living out of suitcases while we finalize our housing. So do please forgive me for missing a few posts. However, I hope a new song from Starflyer 59 this week can make up for it.

The first thing I noticed from the track was the eerie new wave keyboard sounds and quasi-goth guitar leads. But this isn’t same ol’/same ol’ with SF59. The second thing I noticed was how upfront the deep bass/baritone vocals are in the mix. The press release mentioned Leonard Cohen as a reference point, and strangely enough, that’s not far off! And yet, underpinning that is a sort of keyboard layer that wouldn’t go amiss on a Stranger Things episode and guitar riffs that almost sound like outtakes from Disintegration (The Cure).

Lyrics are as cryptic as always, and this one perhaps even more so as I can’t tell if the song is externally critical or autobiographical. Perhaps it’s best not to know these things!

Check out the track here in the streaming platform of your choice:




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