Is There a Secret MxPx Vinyl in the Works?

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Hey look who’s On the Cover of IVM! Is there a Secret Weapon of vinyl proportions in the works? Is it enough to give us a Panic, maybe get us up to that Ever Passing Moment? I certainly hope these guys aren’t Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo because we could all use a heavy dose of a Punk Rawk Show in our lives. Now I certainly Heard That Sound and am assured that this is a Plan Within Plans and that Tomorrow is Another Day. So don’t Let it Happen one more second without checking this new MxPx double vinyl out. For Always we’ll be fans, Doing Time with our Life In General. Long after the days of Teenage Politics have passed we will take our Responsibility for loving this Bremerton trio and look back fondly on The Wonder Years of youth. [Thanks Luke B. for the link]

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June 28, 2017 9:57 am

One can only hope for a box set of represses.

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