Nickelback Announce World Tour With Makeshift3

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Nickelback will return to the stage again and this time they are taking out the band Makeshift3 for a string of dates, mostly at coffee shops and and church basements. Nickelback will be supporting their new “worship” record – “How The Bible Reminds Me” which features 12 very catchy, radio friendly tunes consisting entirely of melodies from “How You Remind Me” & “Photograph” but based on different bible verses. Makeshift3 are fresh off their new drum solo album “Fluorescent Cymbals” and will be touring it alongside their friends in Nickelback.*

*This is just a April Fools Post and not intended as an insult or slander in any way. Indie Vision Music does not support violence, slander, disrespect, or hate speech in any way toward these artists or any on our site. We’re all Nickelback fans at heart, right?*

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April 4, 2022 4:58 pm

Reading this NOT on April 1st was disorienting until it clicked hahah

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