Names Without Numbers "Winter Wars" Out Now!

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The absolutely stunning new single from my friends in Names Without Numbers titled “Winter Wars”, is out now on all digital networks and also streaming in the Pop Punk Dads Spotify playlist. This song reminds the listener of all the great times you had in the past with nostalgia running rampant throughout the entirety but not so overbearing that it’d distract one from drawing modern parallels to what’s so great about new music. I really dig the fast pace of the song right from the get-go. I have been a fan of this band for as long as I can remember, nearly as long as I’ve been doing IVM. You need to give this band a listen and especially give the song “Winter Wars” a fair run through. When people toss around the word “Underrated” casually, I stop and I’m reminded of artists such as Names Without Numbers. Independent music has never sounded this good!

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