Much The Same Release Remixed & Remastered Version of Classic Skate Punk Album

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A band that should be much bigger than they have been the past almost two decades – Much The Same, just released a remixed/remastered version of their classic 2003 full length “Quitters Never Win”. You can buy it on Digital right here direct from the band or on CD and Vinyl right here. Check out the song “Liar” below. I still remember hanging around watching these guys when they were known as “Don’t Look Down” (before they changed their name) and played alongside Dogwood one night years ago here in South OC. The band signed to A-F Records (Anti Flag’s self run label) and released this monumental debut full length in 2003. Passion meets politics meets faith meets relationships and searching for answer. This isn’t a “Christian” band but lead vocalist/guitarist Chris McGrath is an awesome guy and you can’t help but identify with these songs. Go check this mighty re-release out and support the guys.

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