Meadows Sign With Facedown Records

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Meadows, a band I’ve written about a bit in the past as well as other writers here, will be coming out with brand new music. They have signed a deal with Facedown Records and have dropped their new single “The Depths”. I encourage you to go check out both of their last 2 releases and give them a listen. It’s great ambient, post-metal/post-hardcore stuff similar in scope to Hands, Between the Buried and Me, Thrice, A Hope for Home, Life In Your Way, Underoath, Architects, etc. A great band with a ton of potential to become the next big thing. If you don’t know who these gentlemen are just yet, you soon will. Follow them on Facebook here.

Classic hardcore influence woven into melodic rock and atmospheric guitars—Meadows delivers it all while tending toward the current of modern hardcore. The Birmingham, Alabama 5-piece have been compared to contemporaries Counterparts and Defeater, as well as genre masters mewithoutYou and La Dispute, and are slated to play Furnace Fest 2021 this September.

Meadows’ first single for Facedown drops today and is titled “The Depths.”

Over the next few months it will come together with future singles and constitute an EP. The 3-song collection, “In Those Days & Also After Part III,” will be released on August 20.

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Samuel Cook
June 18, 2021 10:53 pm

Love the new song. Definitely get more of a melodic hardcore/post hardcore type of sound (ala Counterparts, Conveyer, Stick To Your Guns, Altars, Close Your Eyes etc.), and you can tell that they have grown from the past two/three releases. Extremely hyped for the new ep.

David Marshall
June 22, 2021 10:49 am
Reply to  Brandon J.

Brandon, it’s good, you’re right. But yeah, BTBAM? Not so much. 😉

David Marshall
June 25, 2021 3:56 pm
Reply to  Brandon J.

I remember worthwhile! And I’ve been okay. Pretty much nonexistent when it comes to social media these days. And musically, I was messing around with a studio project; probably one of the heaviest endeavors I was part of, but nothing really panned out. Between work, two kids, a podcast, and starting on a book soon, not a whole lot of free time! How about you?

dlmarshall3[at] We can continue this privately, if you’d like!

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