Lightworker - Crawling in the Dark (Hoobastank Cover)

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Most covers are just quickly mashed together, lacking any real emphasis on originality, pulling an existing song out of it’s sameness and reigniting it to a whole new level. Well my friends, Lightworker have taken the old song “Crawling in the Dark” from 00’s rockers – Hoobastank, and given it a whole new life. Most people don’t know that Hoobastank created a whole bunch of music/songs before The Reason took over airwaves and people’s hearts. This song was a real rocker and Lightworker have breathed new life into this song and the genre as a whole. Give “Crawling In The Dark” a listen below and check it out now on all digital networks. This band has serious talent and if this is any indication of what’s to come on the next album then we could possibly be looking at the world’s next huge band (I’m not kidding either).

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