Light The Way - So Stoked

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Light The Way presents their new lyric video for “So Stoked”. Check it out below. I will have CDs of “Dude, Lame: Deluxe Edition, Man!” (Both Eps on one cd) very soon in the new IVM Webstore. I have some stickers up momentarily as I prepare to have new merch added. Get this, I am going to have TAPES made of both “Dude, Lame: Deluxe Edition, Man” and At The Wayside “The Breakdown and The Fall”, done all punk rock diy style by DBD Tapes. It’s going to rule. Light The Way tapes will be available in limited Orange Solid (50) and Royal Blue Solid (50). At The Wayside will be in Purple Tint (50) and Blue Tint (50). Exciting stuff for sure. I’ll also have CDs from Mainsail, DENS, American Arson, and hopefully At The Wayside, soon. Did I mention IVM Webstore? Check it out.

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June 1, 2017 4:45 pm

Ah such a great song…. Love this version better than the demo version. Geeked about their cd release as well as the other releases! I eagerly await……..

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