Kevin Max Creates Special Larry Norman Tribute Album

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World renown singer/songwriter and DC Talk member – Kevin Max, has been putting together a very special tribute to Larry Norman album. You can contribute and be the first to get your hands on it right here (plus watch some videos and get more insight behind this very special album). Here is what Kevin Max says, “Revisiting This Planet will be produced by my friend John Mark Painter of the group Fleming and John. My friend John has been producing my own solo albums for the last 5 years. Before working on my projects, he’s worked closely with artists such as Ben Folds, Switchfoot, Steve Taylor as well as many TV and film soundtracks. We aim to bring in the original players from Larry’s album Only Visiting This Planet as well as close family and friends of Larry’s to guest on the project. Mike Norman (Larry’s son) will be an important voice in helping us craft the arrangement of the songs as well as curating the different characters that will appear on the album.”

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