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Rockfest. The name is carrying more and more clout as the days pass, and rightfully so. Founded by Seventh Day Slumber frontman, Joseph Rojas, Rockfest kicked off as the City Rockfest Tour that would showcase both up and coming bands as well as more seasoned acts, all pretty exceptional. This year’s lineup will feature Righteous Vendetta, Seventh Day Slumber, The Protest, Random Hero, Zahna and Amongst the Giants. Wow.


Rockfest, then came to become the moniker for the newer label, Rockfest Records. The label boasts some especially talented groups like Amongst the Giants, Zahna, The Protest, The Persuaded, Seventh Day Slumber, Random Hero, and Silversyde. If you’ve given a listen to any of these bands, you’re more than aware that Rockfest Records is off to an impressive start.


Now, we have Rockfest Radio. Rockfest Radio is a 1-2 hour radio show featuring many of the bands on the Rockfest Records label, but many other bands out there as well, including many up and comers. The show is hosted by Joseph Rojas, who also takes calls during the show to minister to and pray for the callers, who may be going through some difficult things. They’re also raising funds right now to be able to get the best equipment to do this with and to take it on the road as well. Check out the video below and consider helping out in some way.


Whether it be the Rockfest Tour, Rockfest Records, or Rockfest Radio, one thing is glaringly obvious is that it’s all about Jesus and helping others in need. Joseph and those partnered with him all have a love for the Lord first, a love for people, and a love for music and are using the latter as a tool to reach out and be the hands and feet of Christ to others hurting and in need. And really, that’s the most important thing.


So check out the pages for these awesome ministries and if you can, show them some support; in prayer and in any other way the Lord leads you.


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