Hangnail Makes Triumphant Return With "Christmas Hymns"

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A classic Tooth & Nail pop-punk band, Hangnail, that everyone will claim is an underrated band who definitely should have been “bigger” (whatever that means) in their time is seeing a most triumphant return to the music realm. With hands held high in applause, we welcome these posi-pop-punk gentlemen back and we welcome their brand of uplifting, spiritual punk rock with our arms wide open (cheesy Creed pun, sorry). You can pick up or stream “Christmas Hymns” on your favorite Digital Network, December 4th, through long time label home, Tooth & Nail Records. We’ve got Slick Shoes and Hangnail back, Squad 5-0 and Craig’s Brother making new music, Stavesacre recently released a new album, MXPX and Five Iron still churning out songs. Who’s next? Since Dogwood is inactive may I suggest T&N pick up Saint Didacus? Who wants some of that? Hey Value Pac, let’s see some new music and a re-release of “Incognito” please. Blenderhead, please? Plankeye? K thnx! Follow: @hangnailband on all social media

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