Grandpa Loves Rhinos Launch Merch Store

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With the business of the past few weeks, I forgot to mention that one of our bands GRANDPA LOVES RHINOS, launched an awesome new merch store on StoreFrontier. They are selling all their own Ts, hoodies, and more with really great designs. If you would like to support the band direct, please buy from them at this link here. We just love Grandpa Loves Rhinos and I really think you all should give them a listen. Their two singles “What We Used to Do” and “The Ministry of Aquaman” are both playing on radio stations across the world as well as charting quite well on digital networks. If you haven’t given them a listen before, please give them a chance today and check out their Ep “Better Eat Your Wheaties” wherever you get your music. We also have some CDs for sale in the IVM store that come with nifty little stickers. Thanks everyone for the support of not only GLR but all of our bands. I don’t think I say it enough but I am super proud to be working with all these wonderful groups and I am a fan before anything else. I only work with groups that I love their music first and foremost. Thank you.

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