Facedown Records Tease New Vinyl Pressings

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Facedown Records are teasing or rather unveiling new vinyl pressings of some of their catalog of releases. The picture below appears to show quite a few vinyl releases with 3 revealed so far: Comeback Kid “Turn It Around”, xLookingForwardx “The Path We Tread”, and War of Ages “Arise & Conquer”. What will be next? Are you excited about these pressings? It’ll all be available on November 18th. Speaking of Facedown, what has been your favorite release this year from the label? Some really strong efforts have been released so far: Rival Choir, My Epic, Everything in Slow Motion, Hope for the Dying, Poured Out, Comrades, and soon – Those Who Fear (December 9th).


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John Amos
John Amos
November 13, 2016 9:35 pm

My Epic’s “Viscera” definitely my favorite release from Facedown this year. As always, the lyrical depth and solid musicality that we’ve come to expect from My Epic.

I’m hoping that they press Colossus’ “Time & Eternal” but I don’t think it’s considered as “classic” as the rest of the albums they’ve announced.

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