Exclusive Stream: TAKE - The Dead Will Rise Ep

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I am super thrilled to bring you an exclusive stream of the new TAKE Ep. This independent Las Vegas, NV. metal-hardcore-rock hybrid band were around for a few years last decade. They went on hiatus and a member went on to front The Forerunner. Well after several years off this explosive heavy band is back and with a brand new ep to prove once again how powerful their music can be. It’s edgy, it is abrasive, and it is going to hit you over the head like a two ton brick of pure adrenaline. Step into the pit and prepare to throwdown with one of Nevada’s best kept secrets. This my friends is the band TAKE and I present their ep, “The Dead Will Rise”. Listen below. The band’s ep will be out by this Friday on all digital networks. Now available on all digital networks: [iTunes] [Google Play] [Amazon] [Spotify]

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Track 5 makes my heart beat fast.


Very unique blend of genres. I really dig this. You can hear their influences throughout yet when it comes all together it’s something new and refreshing.

Bryce Walburn

Metal hardcore hybrid…..isn’t there a name for that? Haha.