EMOtional Rock Anthems, A Spotify Playlist

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I just launched another NEW playlist via Spotify called “EMOtional Rock Anthems”. If you’re feeling particularly emotional and overcome by moodiness, may I suggest this playlist. Full of songs that fill out a decade or two. It’s a growing playlist so stay tuned. I’m trying to keep it mostly pre-2010 because well, you know, emo kinda died for a bit? But its back, YAY! Anyway, enjoy and feel free to spread the word. Playlist below and link right here.

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Aaron Adams
Aaron Adams
August 18, 2022 11:42 am

Are all of these Christian adjacent?
I only ask because I’m surprised to see Saosin, Jimmy Eat World, etc. on the list!

Aaron Adams
Aaron Adams
August 18, 2022 12:00 pm
Reply to  Aaron Adams

dat Cursive tho

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