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August 6, 2023

The Emo Dads Playlist (Spotify)

Oh no, we gone done it. Head over to Spotify and check out the EMO DADS PLAYLIST. It’s mostly modern with some classics carefully placed alongside newer songs we want you to hear. Just like the POP PUNK DADS, these are songs your dad would love but that you can also bang your head to. Check out both below or by searching on Spotify. Check out our Spotify profile while you’re at it, just search “Indie Vision Music“.… Continued →

September 5, 2022

Pop Punk Dads

All you kids prepare to cringe like it’s so yesterday. If your Dad likes it, then it’s definitely not cool anymore. Duh! So, give this playlist a listen and either try not to cringe or embrace your inner Dad. Check out Pop Punk Dads now on Spotify. Click here or listen below. We have a variety of new and recent playlists so please take a listen below this message. Thanks to Dave Owens of the band Names Without Numbers for the glorious picture!… Continued →

August 6, 2022

EMOtional Rock Anthems, A Spotify Playlist

I just launched another NEW playlist via Spotify called “EMOtional Rock Anthems”. If you’re feeling particularly emotional and overcome by moodiness, may I suggest this playlist. Full of songs that fill out a decade or two. It’s a growing playlist so stay tuned. I’m trying to keep it mostly pre-2010 because well, you know, emo kinda died for a bit? But its back, YAY! Anyway, enjoy and feel free to spread the word. Playlist below and link right here. Continued →

March 2, 2021

Indie Vision Music x Song Blast Playlist March 2021

Continuing our “Song Blast Playlist” series into March 2021, I just made public the new playlist for this month. This will now be a monthly playlist series and will be updated throughout the month with NEW songs as they become available. Check out new, recent, and a few classics squeezed in there. This playlist WILL be updated during the month. Check it out here on our Spotify Profile. You can also find it below this message. I took all 100 songs from the 4 playlists last month and put it in a February 2021 playlist, check it out here.… Continued →

March 3, 2019

Indie Vision Music Spotify Playlists

I would like to welcome you all to check out and follow our 2 latest Spotify Playlists. We now have 3 official playlists on Spotify including the “Weekly New Release Sampler” that Noah puts together each week. Check out the new “Christian Emo and Indie Rock” playlist and “Christian Pop Punk and Punk Rock” playlist below. Any song suggestions for any of these playlists please leave in the comments section.… Continued →

November 13, 2018


Christian Ska, Punk, and Hardcore in Spanish

So a few months back, a Christian deathcore/hardcore band from Matamoros, Mexico took the scene by storm with their message of faith, hope, and love that comes through Christ our Saviour. That band was My Place Was Taken. What seperated them from others doing the like is that their lyrics are all in Spanish. As I was viewing through some of the comments left on those articles here on IVM, I noticed that other readers were interested in other Christian artists that also sang in Spanish.… Continued →

November 1, 2018

Indie Vision Music Creates "Christian Pop Punk and Punk Rock Playlist" on Spotify

I decided it was time, time for some positive uplifting Christian Pop-Punk and Punk Rock Playlist curated by your friends at Indie Vision Music. This playlist is growing but the majority of it is complete. Check it out below and feel free to offer some suggests for bands/artists that didn’t make it on yet. Post your artist/song title below in comments. Thanks to Andrew Pickett for the cool 90’s inspired graphic. Let’s blow this thing up and gather a massive amount of followers.… Continued →

June 11, 2018

IVM Spotify Weekly New Release Playlist

I just wanted to send out a quick note about the awesome Weekly New Release Playlist we have under the Indie Vision Music account on Spotify. Noah Hardwick has been cool enough to create these really cool playlists and maintain them. You can find this weekly updated playlist as well as all our other ones right here. Please follow Indie Vision Music on Spotify and help us spread out reach. If you are looking for new music and want to discover the latest talent, you’ll find it here.… Continued →