Diamonds to Dust Are a Band To Watch

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A band that seems to be garnering a lot of interest called “Diamonds to Dust“, dropped an EP titled “Decisions” earlier this year and are one we’d like to alert readers to. Check out this most recent song titled “Adventure Time”. It is extremely heavy and sure to get heads banging, and skulls cracking. Check it out below. Find out more info and where to stream/download this ep, right here.

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November 23, 2021 5:51 pm

Been hooked on this EP since I found out about it a month or so ago. I listen to plenty of heavy stuff, but some parts of these songs genuinely took me off guard with the heaviness and intensity. Really top notch with great production. Lyrically gut wrenching at times, but it fits the style, and compared to most bands that sound anything like this, it is wonderfully positive, haha. Really looking forward to the full length that I believe is still in progress. If you dig this style I would say to definitely check out Fate of a Sinner,… Read more »

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