The Classic Crime - Not Done With You Yet

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The latest song from The Classic Crime has just been dropped on our ears and it sounds like the band at it’s best. Check out the song below and feel free to discuss. “How to Be Human” drops worldwide on April 28th.

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9 Comments on "The Classic Crime - Not Done With You Yet"

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Initial thoughts on this album: Received this a couple days ago. Great record. Lyrically, it’s a very conflicted and questioning record, but not in a way that feels disheartening. And it’s definitely not as in-your-face controversial as the first song might lead people to believe (besides a sort of random F-word on “Wonder” but that’s kind of par for the course these days). Maybe Matt MacDonald’s best lyrics to date overall. Musically, it is absolutely the band’s best since The Silver Cord. A lot of great production and subtleties that (to me) were missing from Phoenix and Vagabonds, solid as… Read more »

FYI, the new album is coming in both a censored and uncensored versions. One of the songs is explicit so if that’s something you care about make sure you get the censored version.


Interesting. If explicit language is used, hopefully it’s in a similar vein as Kings Kaleidoscope’s latest.

I’ll let you be the judge of that:


I love this. I’ve already said that twice but I’ll say it again to bring balance to these comments.


I really like the lyrics, and I think the song gets better with each listen.


Not all that interesting. It’s a song, but that’s about all I’ve got. They do that every so often for me, throw out a song that’s more background noise than anything. The last song was a lot better across the board.


It’s a bit too wordy for me, and about 30 seconds too long, but I guess I can’t complain given TCC’s quality lyrics.