Blindside Back With NEW Music

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According to Christian’s (Lindskog) instagram account, Blindside are working on new music and he posted a couple of short teasers in his story today. The band also has an upcoming show in Europe. Could this be the long awaited return of Blindside? I sure hope so! Who else is excited for more Blindside music?

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Robert Cantu

Awesome, ive been jammin to their music for two weeks. I love them

Really, really hope they are working with someone in Sweden, and not Howard Benson. Gonna guess they are. Seems like they make their best stuff close to home.


on Amazon mp3 they released (in may) “Midnight (acoustic)” from their Silence album…hmmm


for reals?!




Awesome!! Wonderful news!! 🙌 I can’t wait to hear their next Masterpiece 📀🎼🎤🥁🎸🤩


Very excited. New music from Blindside can’t come soon enough


As much as I would love to hear about let alone hear a new album, I have no idea how you came to the conclusion there were teasers in that post (apart from what others wrote in hope) All I can see in an appearance nothing about new music

Phil metalhed

I didnt c any “teasas”, but i wil b believ it wen i c an oficial anouncement, lol.

Chase Myers

Heck yes!