Wolves At The Gate - Lights & Fire (Official Music Video)

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How awesome is Wolves At The Gate? I mean seriously, this band has released 4 full lengths (with 1 on the way), 3 EPs, and 1 Covers Ep plus stuff they may have done independently, all the while slipping under most people’s radars. I absolutely love this band and think their powerful music is worthy of repeat listens as well as all the fanfare coming their way. Make sure to watch the music video for the incredible new song “Lights & Fire” below and check out the new album “Eulogies” out March 11th on Solid State Records. Pre-order at this link right here.

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Mark K
Mark K
January 29, 2022 6:57 pm

For some reason Eclipse was big for me. It just clicked, 100% across the board. They went from a band I enjoyed to a band I am committed to. I’m expecting to enjoy this one, but also hoping it’s not too soft. Really enjoying the singles regardless.

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