Skillet - Surviving The Game (Brand New Song and Music Video)

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Skillet, have just released their brand new song titled “Surviving The Game” and there is a music video to accompany the track (check it out below). This song continues in that same current Skillet sound tradition and their sound is complimented by high end production as well as musicianship. I really think Jen’s background vocals give this track an extra layer of oomf that further compliments their already classic, rock sound. If you dig the more recent Skillet music, you’re going to absolutely love this. I know it’s not that new Jeremy Camp metal album we’ve all been secretly hoping for but this is just as good and should fill those rock sized holes in our hearts that Gene Simmons has declared are “dead”. Rock is not dead, it just lurks beneath the surface and Skillet are showing further proof that the genre will never die. The band’s new full length record “Dominion”, is out everywhere January 14th 2022 (pre-order).

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Mark K
Mark K
September 22, 2021 2:01 pm

A solid track. Never bought a Skillet album before. Maybe this time?

The chorus interestingly has a similar structure and a similar sound as “Just Believe It” from the band Idle Cure. Maybe John grew up on 80’s Christian Rock?

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