Song of the Day: Encryptor - Post Mortem Soul

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Encryptor was one of the many projects of the multi-talented Felipe (AKA Phil) Diez, and was one of the first Christian death metal projects from the nation of Panama. Phil later relocated to Rhode Island and carried on his career there with several projects: Sorrowstorm (black metal), Entorn (doom metal), Northern Ash (death metal), and Rehumanize (grindcore).

So far, Encryptor is my favorite of the lot, though I confess I haven’t heard all of his projects. The band recorded 2 albums: Drowning in Flesh (on Nascent Frost Productions), and Sermon Decay (on Dysmorphic Records), both of which were available only very sparsely, independent of any substantial distribution. With a clear need for wider exposure, there have also been two different compilation albums: Cryptic Works (BombWorks Records in the USA) and Encryption (Alcance Subterraneo in Mexico).

The band played a rare form of brutal death metal (rare in the Christian scene anyway)–no melodic leads, keyboards or clean vocals here!–mixed with heavy doses of blastbeats, which gave it an almost grindcore feel at times. Lyrically the band liked to tackle subjects of Christian heresies and charlatan preachers.

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