Song of the Day: Destroy Nate Allen - B**bie Bar

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Destroy Nate Allen is a fun, energetic band that mixes the simplicity and energy of punk rock with the acoustic sounds of folk, making for an interesting take on folk-punk. Quirky but sincere lyrics and vocal styles combine with straight-forward messages–usually on subjects other artists don’t want to touch–make for both a challenging and entertaining listen.

Take “Boobie Bar” for instance. On the one hand it’s a crude song whose title I had to censor, just so it doesn’t get picked up by filters. On the other hand, the intent behind the song is just about as pure as it gets:

Don’t go down to the boobie bar
If you want a real relationship, you won’t get far
Don’t go to that boogie bar

The song comes from their 2012 album, With Our Powers Combined.

On a personal note, I’ve just returned home from the wonderful Audiofeed festival, where I caught the band play once again (almost exactly a year after booking them in my current home of Indianapolis), and this song was a highlight of the set.

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