Best of 2020: Noah Hardwick (Part III)

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Something I realized once I started breaking my top 100 albums and EPs of 2020 list down into four posts is that each post became a micro-list of its own. For example, I wasn’t really thinking too hard about what album I was going to rank 26th when there were 100 albums. But when I split the list up suddenly being ranked 26th seemed really important as it became the last album a reader will see in this post. The reverse proved be true as well, ranking an album 75th where it’s going to be first album a reader sees when they click my post became important too. All that to say, I restructured my list a little bit when moving it from Excel to IVM. And in the end I think it really paid off as having four micro-lists helps highlight some of the releases I’m afraid might have gotten buried in the middle of a 100 album list.

50. Chase Tremaine – Unfall

You can pre-order Chase’s new album Development & Compromise on Bandcamp now.

49. Wake Low – Wake Low

48. Christa Wells – Pacific

47. Audiophile – The Coast EP

46. Allie Crummy – Every Story Has An Author EP

45. Sight Received – Worthless Gold

To be honest I forgot all about this album until I started working on this list. I’m glad I rediscovered it.

44. The Oh Hellos – Boreas EP

43. Knuckle Sucker – Alien Righteousness EP

42. Isla Vista Worship – Carried EP

41. Brave Days – Work In Progress

40. Audrey Assad – Eden EP

39. Callie Burnett – 26 & Living In Daydreams EP

38. Dustin Ruth – Shapeshifter

37. Gold, Frankincense, & Myrrh – Operation Take Over EP

I really feel like this EP was big step forward for GFM. Can’t wait for them to release a full-length.

36. Frankie Orella – Stages of Grief EP

35. I Am Empire – Another Man’s Treasure EP

I’m so glad to hear from I Am Empire again, even if it is just a b-sides EP.

34. Chris Renzema – Let The Ground Rest

33. 6’10 – Carried In Retrospect

This is one of those albums that I only listened to once and then moved one. Re-listening to it this week I’m not sure why though, it’s a really fun album.

32. Righteous Vendetta – Not Dead Yet (A Record Rejected)

For an album their label rejected it’s really good.

31. Fight The Fade – In Love. In Hope. In Peace.

This album hasn’t held up as well I would have hoped. It’s still one my most listened to albums of 2020 though.

30. Laity – Let Yourself Be Loved

I enjoy a little pop worship now and then.

29. Jon Guerra – Keeper of Days

28. Slickshoes – Rotation & Frequency

27. Citizens – The Joy Of Being

26. American Arson – A Line In The Sand

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Zach From Knuckle Sucker
Zach From Knuckle Sucker
January 4, 2021 11:38 am

Dude thanks!

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