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January 2, 2021


Best of 2020: Noah Hardwick (Part III)

Something I realized once I started breaking my top 100 albums and EPs of 2020 list down into four posts is that each post became a micro-list of its own. For example, I wasn’t really thinking too hard about what album I was going to rank 26th when there were 100 albums. But when I split the list up suddenly being ranked 26th seemed really important as it became the last album a reader will see in this post. The reverse proved be true as well, ranking an album 75th where it’s going to be first album a reader sees when they click my post became important too.… Continued →

June 9, 2014

August 15, 2013

REVIEW : Audrey Assad - Fortunate Fall

Audrey Assad is back with a new album, 'Fortunate Fall', this time recorded and produced independently via Kickstarter, featuring hit single 'Good to Me' and other standouts like 'Spirit of the Living God', 'Help My Unbelief' and 'Lead Me On'. Check out the review.

April 26, 2012