Best of 2020: Noah Hardwick (Part II)

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Some would say that putting together a year-end list of your top 100 albums and EPs is insane. And I agree. It’s one of the most ambitious things I’ve attempted since I started writing for IVM. So how did I do it exactly? Well I started out by putting together a list of all the albums and EPs I listened to during 2020—a feat in its own right. When I was done I had a list of about 300 releases which I then set out to rate on a scale of 1 to 10. My top 25 albums and EPs were pretty clear after I finished rating everything. It was rest that proved to be difficult. I filtered out all the albums I rated below 5 which reduced my list down to about 150. Then I started the difficult process of making cuts. It wasn’t easy and I’m still not sure I made the right choices, but here it is:

75. Nate Parrish – I’m A Wreck

For the best experience listen while eating Popeye’s chicken.

74. Red Weather – Empty Places EP

73. Bareheart – In The Mo(u)rning EP

72. Susanna Carter – Colours

I discovered this one courtesy of Allie Paige, another artist worth checking out.

71. The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers

70. We Are The City – RIP

I love this song.


68. Red – Declaration

It’s been awhile since I enjoyed a Red album this much.

67. Skyskraper – Floor One EP

66. Fireflight – Who We Are: The Head And The Heart

Fun fact, in the unaired pilot episode of a new release sampler podcast I threw together a few months back this was going to be the opening song on the playlist.

65. Nashville Life Worship – Here for Jesus

64. Convent Bonfires – (IN)SECURITY

63. Oh Jeremiah – Joymonger

62. Alright Years – Show Me Something

Stock music can be fun.

61. CCV Music – Moments 001

I like when worship bands do something creative.

60. Grace Stailey – You’ll Find Your Way Home

59. Death Therapy – Dance Therapy: Pre Apocalyptic Cyber Funk For Late Stage Humanoids EP

58. Almost Always – convalence

57. We The Kingdom – Holy Water

56. Marie Miller – Little Dreams

55. Sarah Reeves – Life Love & Madness

54. Empty Atlas – Kairos

53. Charming To The Last – It’s The Little Things

52. Homeplate – Derby City EP

51. Colony House – Leave What’s Lost Behind

While I prefer Only The Lonely, it’s still nice to have new music from Colony House.

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Christian Music Releases
January 2, 2021 1:14 am

Wow, quite the achievement! Definitely will have to take a listen to some of these.

Daniel J
Daniel J
January 1, 2021 11:00 pm

That Empty Atlas album is a bit of a hidden gem that I would not have discovered apart from your epic list Noah. I appreciate the effort that’s gone into this, and look forward to the second half.

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