Best of 2020: Noah Hardwick (Part I)

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I wasn’t really sure how I was going to do my “best of” list this year. I was considering breaking it down into genres similar to what Casey did. Or splitting my albums and EPs into two lists. Or just doing my top 10 list like I normally do. In the end though I decided to take a page out of Josh Balogh’s playbook and go big. So here the first 25 of my top 100 album and EPs of 2020:

100. Eikon – Soundtrack For Isolation

Perfectly released in mid-April.

99. Man Cub – Impressions

With multiple songs featuring SVRCINA . . . foreshadowing?

98. Inspiration Worship – Deeper

97. Acceptance – Wild, Free

A long fall from 2017 . . .

96. Anchor & Braille – Tension

95. Christ Church Manchester Music – To You

94. Willow Stephens – All That Glitters

A glittery pleasure.

93. Harbor & Home – Hold On To Love

92. Whitacre – Seasons

91. Mission House – I Heard A Song I Couldn’t Ignore

I like the songs on this album, but I’m not a fan of the mastering.

90. The Rocket Summer – Bee Sides: Select Rarities 2015-2020

89. Jerry Fee – Against The Grain

90’s covers anyone?

88. Fang Fang – Fang Shui EP

87. Nathan Vincent – Cedar And Pine EP

86. Jamie Barnes – Ex-Voto

85. Mantric – False Negative

An album I want to like.

84. Thad Cockrell – If In Case You Feel The Same

83. Lion of Judah – The Antidote EP

82. Knox Hamilton – Weekend Yet EP

81. Vacation Club – Always Or Never EP

80. Kevin Max – Revisiting This World

It’s worth revisiting.

79. Illumination Project – Birds & Lilies EP

Fans of Kings Kaleidoscope should give this one a shot.

78. Kings Kaleidoscope – Power Perfect. EP

Speaking of . . .

77. Benjamin Daniel – Shaping Season

76. Dens – Taming Tongues

This album deserves to be ranked higher, it was just a little too heavy for my tastes.

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January 3, 2021 7:14 am

I’m kinda surprised “Tension” ranked so low in your top 100. I also think I missed the other Kings Kaleidoscope EP (Birds & Lilies) because it isn’t available on Spotify (for me, at least) on Spotify.

Thanks for the huge compilation!

Christian Music Releases
January 2, 2021 1:17 am

The Eikon release is actually called “Soundtrack for Isolation”

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